General Meeting 1st December 2015


  • Feedback on Hocketon Trip
  • Feedback on Food hub/ food cafe
  • Allotment update
  • Budgeting
  • Loomio
  • Emails
  • Students for co-operation
  • Accessibility
  • Give it a go
  • Exciting events in the next 2 weeks!

Feedback on Hocketon Trip:

Those who went fedback that they felt inspired by the trip to see Hockerton Housing Project, and enjoyed the chance to get to know other Green Actioners that they wouldn’t usually come across

Feedback on Food hub/ food cafe:

There were discussion around coffee and chocolate. Idea proposed to make a coffee map – mapping the ethical coffee in Leeds. Discussions around the coffee stocked in the shop and why we stock it – both Zapatista and Twin Peak.

Proposal for the Food Hub to follow up this meeting by discussing both of the coffees, why we stock them and how to communicate this to members.

Allotment update:

The allotment are planning to implement a new food composting system using bikashi composting. This has the benefits of being easy to use as any food including meat and diary can be composted and is also rat proof. This will run as a pilot – encouraging more Green Actioners to compost their food waste. If successful, we hope to widen it and implement a community composting scheme with support from the university/union. The Allotment group requested £70 to be spent on 2 blue barrels, a tap and some bikashi bran. This proposal was accepted by the group.

  • Action – allotment group to buy and set up Bikashi composting

It was proposed that the alotment would like a regular annual budget and a separate budgetting system (such as a spreadsheet) so that they are aware of how much money can be allocated.

  • Action – Luke to discuss this with Joy (treasurer)


The question of wider budgetting for all of Green Aciton was brought up and it was suggested we have a participatory budgetting meeting in January w/c 24th. We will look at all the money Green Action has available and set a budget for the rest of the year. This can then be continued as a yearly process at the beginning of each year.

  • Action – Katy to send out doodle closer to the time to find a suitable meeting time for w/c 24th January
  • Luke to facilitate this meeting


We would like to re-introduce Loomio as a useful tool. It was decided that at the budgeting meeting we would include an introduction to how Loomio works. We will also send out an email and facebook message now to introduce members to Loomio so that we can use it again to communicate better and decrease the amount of emails received.

  • Action – Katy to send out invitation to loomio by email and facebook with small description of why we use it
  • Action – Luke to set Marcel know detials of Green Action mailing List
  • Action – Marcel to change the footer of emails to include link to loomio and facebook page


The official email account for Green Action is – currently this email is not being checked.

  • Action – Izzy to check this email, Tudor to act as back up

Students for co-operation:

SfC have emailed asking if they can visit us. The student housing co-op group are in contact with them. It seems to make sense for the student housing co-op group to work as part of Green Action – giving us a co-op shop, allotment, campaigning and housing strand.

  • Action – Izzy to continue contacting SfC as part of student housing co-op and wider Green Action and to reply to email


We are doing a consultation asking everyone for feedback about how to make Green Aciton more accessible (to get more people involved and to make sure we are accessible to those from disadvantaged groups). Please leave feedback in box outside of co-op or using the online suggesiton box – all are anonymous but you can put your contact detials if you;d like us to get back to you

  • Action – meeting to be arranged to discuss feedback after christmas, once all feedback has been gathered

Give it a go:

We would like to put on a pedal powered film in the union next year as our GIAG.

  • Action – Christa to get in touch with the Union to see if we can arrange this

Exciting events in the next 2 weeks!:

  • This week:
    • Tomorrow – Cowspiracy documentary showing 7.30pm in the Common Room of LUU
    • Thursday – shed building session @ the allotment, 2-4pm, contact Chris on 07543539020 for more info
    • followed by – Campaigns political stance meeting 5-7 in Earth and Environment room 8.119
    • Friday – 3 acres and a cow – 7-10.30 –
    • Sunday – allotment meeting from 2pm, contact Katy on 07791352528 for more info
  • Next week:
    • Friday 11th – xmas social based around local drinks (soft drinks and alcoholic) and bring a dish @ Cornerstone Housing Co-operative – 16 Sholebroke Avenue, LS7 3HB, followed by PUB DUB music night at The Chemic Pub in Woodhouse (LS6)

Also check out the student paper next week as there will be an article about us!!