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Edible Public Gardening!!!!

Hello all!


Following the good news of few weeks ago, we are now about to start gardening at Buslingthorpe Walk.

The BBC has also expressed an interest in supporting the project, so there might be more news in the next days!


Here are some dates (put them in your diary!) and some suggested activities, please come along and propose more if you like!


SATURDAY 14th MAY – afternoon, from 2pm onwards

designing the garden

cutting wood and setting up raised beds

planting herbs on the border

planting seeds and taking seeds at home, to get them ready for  planting in the next weeks

children & adults craftwork: designing and colouring animal and flower shapes on plywood (to put around raised beds and protect plants from dogs and ball games)



SATURDAY 4th JUNE – afternoon, from 2pm onwards

more of the above activites and more planting!


all Wednesdays evenings: as soon as the plants are in the soil, it will be fundamental to take care of them at least once a week (weeding, watering, etc.) So maybe would be good to have a weekly appointment, let’s say every wednesday after 6pm? (if more people can make another day, that would be good, just suggest one!)


If you have plants, compost, colours, wood that you don’t need, time to help preparing the above activities days, time to help publicize the project, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH with me!





0783 8404642

Reclaim the Field…call out





Calling out to all community food growers, farmers, permaculturalists, land occupiers, seeds savers and swappers, those who want to RECLAIM FIELDS! 

Its time to meet and share stories about all the exciting growing projects all over the UK, from those fresh and ready to sprout to projects already rooted in rural and urban communities. 

Spread this callout widely to all those networks, projects and individuals who may want to plot, plant and plan together for the coming year and beyond. 

Resistance is Fertile!  


Reclaim the Fields is a constellation of people and collective projects willing to go back to the land and reassume the control over food production.

We are determined to create alternatives to capitalism through cooperative, collective, autonomous, real needs oriented small scale production and initiatives, putting theory into practice and linking local practical action with global political struggles.

On Saturday 12th March 2011 Reclaim the Fields UK will launch itself into the unknown, beginning what we hope to be a fruitful collaboration of UK projects and people in solidarity over food sovereignty and common access to land. From fields far and wide, cities near and far, where muddy hands and feet are set on the ground, we are calling all those who are working the land for the common good.


Hosted at Grow Heathrow an occupied community market garden project which aims to build resilient sustainable communities in the villages next to London’s Heathrow airport, we will spend the weekend getting to know each other and the various projects from across the country, workshops and dissussions (including access to land and land struggles) and share ideas to nurture a vision of what we can create here in the UK and Europe.


FRIDAY EVENING: from 5pm people arrive set up tents, dinner and fire


SAT FULLDAY: morning– presentations from various project. afternoon – discussions / workshops. evening – dinner, film, music, fire, talk


SUN MORNING: morning- optional practical session / more discussion / stay and help prepare the site for the european reclaim the fields assembly.


What to bring;

a tent (email if you need indoor sleeping space, this is avaliable but limited)

Donations for food

seeds for a mass seed swap

Flyers, stories and info about growing projects in the UK.



It is essential that you book your place before the 6th March 2011 so that we can get an idea of numbers to cater for.


  There is no fee but we will ask for donations to cover food.


The reclaim the fields european assembly will begin on the monday 14th at Grow Heathrow. Those who feel keen to be involved in organising for the RTF camp which will take place this summer are welcome to stay for the week, which will be working-group orientated, focusing largely on logistics for the RTF camp – a chance to get more involved in the reclaim the fields european network.


The following weekend all are welcome to join the P.E.D.A.L. weekend of workshops on storytelling, creative disobedience, legal, consensus decision making and the Occupation of Palestine. The event will be held on the 19th and 20th of March. P.E.D.A.L. starts their 100 day cycle to the West Bank on the 21st of March from Grow Heathrow.


For more information on Reclaim the Fields and the network visit for more information on Grow Heathrow have a look at information on P.E.D.A.L can be found at


We look forward to meeting you on the land



Circulate this call out widely among relevant groups.


From Central London: Travel to West Drayton in TfL zone 6 in 20 minutes by train from Paddington. From West Drayton either take the 222 bus towards Hounslow and get off in Sipson Village or follow the cycle path towards Sipson. Our site is a 1 minute walk from the King William Pub which is in the middle of town.

Full address:

Grow Heathrow, Vineries Close, Sipson, West Drayton, UB7 0JG  

site phone number 07890751568

Event – GM Crops discussion with Stop GM activist

 Event – GM Crops discussion with Stop GM activist

When: Wednesday 23rd February, 5pm-6.30pm
Where: In the Treehouse which is behind The Lounge at the back of Leeds University Union.

People & Planet invite activist Nicki Taylor from Stop GM to talk about
the controversies surrounding GM Crops – which is funded by Leeds University.
Bring your questions, conflicts and ideas to this particapatory session.

People & Planet