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Radical Routes Gathering (Trip to brighton!)

14th -16th November 

We are associate members of the Radical Routes network of social change co-ops. This is an example of nationwide co-operative mutual aid, a glimpse of how consensus decision making could shape a better future! 

Four times a year, the member and associate member co-ops get together at “gatherings”. These weekend events have a social function, but are also the places at which all important decisions are taken. They are open meetings and anyone is welcome to attend.

This gathering is being hosted at the Cowley Club ( a radical social centre in Brighton there is free accomodation in a local stiener school and there will be some accustic entertainment, stuff happening at the Cowely Club and we could explore the city. They have delicious vegan catering which usually costs £15 for the weekend. 

Trains look to be quite expensive, a return is about £85 without a rail card. £32 return on National express coach. There are also several other co-ops in Leeds going so car share might be possible and cheaper. If you are interested lets start communication, 07542437755


Lets get organised – 2014/15 GA Structure

This wednesday 6pm, venue TBC (Check at our food store in the union) Come along and experience creative consensus decision making in action.Green Action does loads of different things, we manage a popular, not for profit whole food business, grow food on two allotment plots and enage in environmental action and campaighns. It is also a social hub and source of inspiration completely co-ordinated by its members.

We have fun and create a real sense of comunity while learing to organise and take responsibility for our needs without heirachies or explotation. Come along o wednesday to be part of improving our co-op. Hope to see you there! 🙂

Millet Breakfast!

Hey folks!

So I thought id share what makes my mornings so fantastic – millet.

We all love a good old bowl of porridge for breakfast and with oats containg rediculously high amounts of protein its a hard breaky to beat, however then I discovered millet, for those with slightly more of a savoury taste its a winner.

Millet is a combination of a number of different grains which are all native to Africa and Asia they are used across these continents in breads, malts, beers and porridge!

Plus for all those gluten intolerant food lovers out there, millet is gluten free!

Go on, give yerself a cup of millet with a few cups of water, boil it up and simmer for half an hour (if you soak in the fridge over night it only takes 5 mintues), add some raisins and goji berriesfive minutes before its ready to plump them up.Add a dash of cinnamon and a selection of seeds scattered on top – maybe even half a grapefruit to satisfy those sour – sweet taste buds.

You ll be bouncing! 

Let me know if you find a successful breaky recipe, id love to try it out!

Beth x

GA Fresher’s Fair

This is where we sign up the bulk of our members for the year! Get to know Green Action and become a member (or renew) for only £2. Get your membership card with important info (web links and email).

Come to the Hidden Cafe at 4:00 the day before to plan for this.

First Coop Meeting of F2014

Everyone is welcome! We’ll discuss and decide important Green Action business and hopefully get to know some new folks and generate ideas for activities this year. Bring an agenda item! Meet at 6:00 PM at the Pack Horse Pub (across from the Engineering Buildings on Woodhouse Lane.)