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Green Action AGM


We are supposed to have 2/3 of our members coming to this… but we don't really have a reliable store of our members luckily for us. BUT ANYWAY. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT SO PLEASE COME. ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU HERE NEXT YEAR!!!! the co-op and green action neeeds youuuuuuuuuu
It is a handover of roles and a chance to bring up any big changes you feel GA should make.
The university requires we have people under the following three positions, but as far as GA are concerned these positions mean nothing – Secretary, President and Treasurer. But we will need to get some names for these things.
However the most important part of the AGM for GA is the roles that help things tick along. We are of course non-hierarchical and so these roles are completely open to anyone and there isn't a cap on how many people can undertake them. Some of them would definitely be best done in groups. The main roles include:
1. Co-op coordinator –
2. Allotment coordinator – /
3. Lembas Food order group – /
4. Goosemoor order group –
5. Finance coordinator –
6. Website coordinator –
If you think you may be interested in any of them I have listed an email address by each of them as to where to get more info before the AGM.
Of course if there are more people than more roles can and probably should be more distributed (potential for cake/other food sources person / meeting/socials organizer/ radical routes keep in toucher / relations with other groups etc…. and gaaad there is potential for so much more)
if you can't make it, but would be interested in a role (that goes to you oversees people too) then just send an email with what and a little reason why you wanna do something and we can discuss that at the AGM.. no problemo.

Badidas – Protest against Footlocker


Today a some of us, teamed up with a Leeds Met Green to protest against Adidas who have been refusing to pay $1.5 million to Indonesian workers in redundancy fees. The factory workers were paid back by the other companies using it (including Nike), but Adidas have refused. Only offering food vouchers worth 8% of what they are owed and only being able to use them at supermarkets (unable to spend them on healthcare and education). At the same time Adidas can spend $100 million sponsoring the olympics. We cannot let them get away with this… 

People and Planet had put on a national day to protest outside Footlocker to pressure them to pressure Adidas. There was a great turn out around the country so hopefully together we made an impact. 

People were happy to take our flyers and talk to us. Footlocker had even hired security just for us… so we must be annoying them slightly… hopefully enough!

New to the site?

Welcome to our website (and yours if you want to [[Edit this site|edit it]]).  We want it to become a resource for activists.  Its primary goals are

  • To be a resource for activists with flyers, posters, ideas e.t.c.
  • To help new members of Leeds University see what has been achieved.
  • To show other universities what is possible and encourage help them.

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Here are some of the core documents on this site.

We have two 'Books' which are coherent nuggets of information.

  • [[Green Guide]]: Towards sustainable living in Leeds.
  • [[Things Green Action]]: a manual on how Green Action is run.

[[Alternative Leeds university library]] is a libray of books at Leeds library that are good reads for Green Action members.

[[Alternative Careers Guide]] covers a general overview of what's wrong with the corporate world and then focus on the sectors of Finance, Armaments, Pharmaceutical, Food & Distribution, and Petrochemical. There is also a section on ethical and unconventional careers and work.

Find information about what [[About Green Action|Green Action]] is.  We are trying to find out [[Who is Green Action?]] ourselves which means looking at why we are Green Action members and what is the common underlying philosophy.

One thing we know is that we run a [[About Green Action food co-op|Food Co-op]].  To keep it all working smoothly we have certian [[Roles]].

See how to [[Edit this site|edit this site]], contact us if you are lost or just make new content.

For Green Action photos the best place to upload them is flickr, the password for flickr is:  "b_nnan*ch_ps!" where the "_" need to be replaced with the correct letter (like "s_nd*c_stle!" becomes "sand*castle!").

To join the Green Action [[Membership stuff|mailing list]] send a blank email to:

To join the Food Co-op List send a blank email to:

To join the allotment mailing list send a blank email to:

Check out our calendar for our next meeting and come along!