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Minutes 26/11/2014

–          Feedback action points from last week


–          FINANCE MEETING: looking at budgeting. 250 pounds for allotment, 200 for food hub, extra money for other activities. 200 for potential problems/backup. Someone from the meeting will put the details on the GA website.


–          Discussion on Loomio: generally positive feedback BUT concerns about if it discourages people from coming to meetings. PROPOSAL: Some people to come up with how Green Action should use Loomio.


–          Campaigning feedback: Sustainability Hub; applied for Green Exchange funding and got it! For anyone interested in being involved: meeting TODAY (27/11/2014) 7pm Parkinson B.08 (basement)



–          Food Co-op feedback: We have been having a discussion about the potential of stocking HONEY. After conducting a food café on the subject of sweeteners members of the food hub decided that honey might be a good thing to stock. We put the decision to consensus at the GM and it was passed unanimously by  11 people. This has previously been a contentious subject, so we want to make very clear that if anyone has any problems with the decision, please come and talk to us about it and the decision will be brought back to the next general meeting. We are also going to make a sign for the coop explaining our decision so that customers have a chance to air their feelings about it too!


–          Real Junk Food Project: Fundraising stall next Tuesday: need a driver to pick up food on Monday (potentially AM?)/ more volunteers. A doodle will be put on the website so people can tell us their availability for manning the stall on Tuesday!



–          Allotment: meeting at 1 on Sunday and then Junk Food Social at 6!


–          Mural for the front of shop: We liked the idea of having templates that people could fill out their own ideas on so we can eventually collate them. If you want to get more involved contact Georgie



–          Interest in introducing a Safe Space Policy: anti-discrimination policy, and conflict resolution. Anyone interested should do a bit of research over xmas and bring back what they find!


–          PROPOSAL: 3 weeks between meetings rather than 4



–          NEXT MEETING: 28th Jan




Action points:


–          GREEN ACTION MEMBERS: ADD YOURSELVES TO THE LOOMIO! Create an account and search Green Action Leeds!

–          Talk in food hub meeting about how we’re going to manage recording finances

–          Bryher: Pick up donations for TRJFP from draw

–          Bryher: Put something on the website about the green week action

–          PUT MINUTES ON THE WEBSITE (I did this!)

–          Bryher and Annmarie: make a ‘Loomio’ document

–          Make a sign about the honey: why we stock it, why its sustainable/ethical

–          Anyone interested: do research on safe space policy over Xmas