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Rossport Fundraiser

A night to celebrate 11 years of resistance to Shell in County Mayo.

Film, food, discussion and Irish & folk music. 

A fundraiser and info night for Rossport Solidarity Camp. 

Acoustic sets from Katherine Miles (note: change from Ewan McLennan) and Danny (of Tiny Tin Lady

Film: Pipe Down (now showing earlier at 6:30pm)

Discussions: Update on the campaign, questions and answers about Shell to Sea, life on the camp and actions

The Corrib gas project is the extraction of a natural gas deposit off the northwest coast of Ireland. The project includes constructionof a natural gas pipeline and a gas processing plant. Opposition to the plans among local residents have grown since 2000 when local residents were bullied by Shell and the government forced the planning permission through. The pipeline is experimental andpotentially dangerous especially running so close to their town.
In 2005 five locals refused Shell access to their land and were jailed at the request of Shell. Since then the Garda (the police force in Ireland) and Shell's private security have used force and intimidation to silence the local community, buy off people who could be bought and beating or jailing people that could not. At later protests masked men (most likely Shell) hospitalized one of the farmers. The offshore sections of the pipe were laid in the sea by the Solitaire. When local fishermen resisted a fisherman's boat was boarded by four masked men and sunk leaving the fishermen in hospital.  Many people in the area have been resisting for years andare very happy to receive outside support. There is a constant camp called the Rossport Solidarity Camp where people can go andsupport the local struggle.  

Come along to find out more about the campaign and to enjoy a night of celebration.



Women and trans bike maintenance session

At Pedallers Arms this Sunday we’re having our second ever drop in
bike maintenance session for women and trans people. If this is you,
you’re very welcome to come along any time between 12 and 5. This
month we’re also having a special session on brakes to kit you out for
the cold, wet months so if you’d like to be there for that then come
down at 1pm. Would be nice to see you especially if you haven’t been
to the new space yet, the last session was really lovely.
If you’d like to read more about women who fix their own wheels you
can do on this ace blog –

Also we’re having a wheel sorting day on Sunday 27th. If you’d like to
come help us sift through our mountainous wheel collection and learn a
bit more about what a dented rim or baldy tyre looks like, come down
between 12 and 5.

Details of where we are on the website

Hope to see you soon 🙂

Radical Routes Gathering: Auntum

Hello Green Actioners,
If you want to go to the Radical Routes Gathering this is what you should know:
– There’s a workshop on what constitutes social change and why it matters in the context of RR on Friday 11th at 5pm
– The gathering proper doesn’t begin till Saturday 12th at 9am
– The gathering will end on Sunday 13th at 2pm
For more info on RR check out
Thus, I propose three main options regarding outward travel arrangements:
1.) Get the 13:00 coach on Friday 11th from Leeds to Nottingham arriving at 15:10 (£6.50 without a "coach card") – in time for the meeting
2.) Get the 18:40 coach on Firday 11th from Leeds to Nottingham arriving at 20:45 (£7.50 without a "coach card") – in time for bed
3.) Get the 09:00 train on Saturday 12th from Leeds to Nottingham arriving at 08:02 (£7.25 with a railcard) – in time for the start of the gathering
I also propose getting the following return journey:
1.) Get the 15:35 coach on Sunday 13th from Nottingham to Leeds arriving at 17:45 (£8.50 without a "coach card")
(I also have 1 one-way ticket to Nottingham from Leeds via train with bike storage leaving at 14:15 arriving at 16:30 – get ready to pedal! – if anyone wants it, price: £6ish with a railcard)
Whatever you decide to do (and feel free to make your own arrangement – never listen to the man) you must book it yourself and act quickly, prices are on the up! Plus, we need to let them know how many people are coming.
Remember there is also a cost of between £5-£10 for food and accommodation (expect a floor and your own sleeping bag).
Money reimbursement is subject to how many GA members come. As such expect some reimbursement but not all, that way you wont be disappointed 🙂
Please email me (tb773 at and cc "" with your plans and or questions.

GA Mins 20/10/11


 Green Action Meeting

 20th October 2011, 6pm-7:30pm The Packhorse Pub

Present: Celia, Guilia, Pascal, Rita, Maia, Mary, Kim, Kim, Neil, Rosy, Nikki, Nabil and Sarah


1. Additions to the Co-op

2. Co-op order and delivery

3. Green Action membership

4. Allotment

5. Workshops

6. Radical Roots

7. Any other business


1.  Additions to the Co-op

Last meeting a variety of useful additions to the co-op were suggested. We now have:



   Message book

                 Found in the second drawer down with all the other Notebooks/orders/folders etc

                 This message book for volunteers works best when it is checked at the beginning of every shift.

                 Enter in date, time and name. If a previous comment has been responded to, signify this in the message book.

Further suggestions include:

   Better dispensers for the liquids.  Action: Neil to look into this.


2. Order and Delivery

1. what to do when the delivery arrives very late?

   Acknowledgement that this is just something that happens. It’s up to us to make sure we can deal with it.

Action to be taken?

   Ensure that the Friday morning shift are clued up on how to process the delivery. Action: Guilia to go in the following morning, check that this is all cool.


2. Really important to have at least one member of the food hub at the meeting (also acknowledged the only reason no one was there at the start because they were very kindly sorting out the late delivery!)


3. With the increase in demand, a large increase on the order is required!

   high demand for: dried apricots, chocolate soya milk, etc. Action: when people repeatedly ask for something, use a tally system on the shopping list to reflect demand


4. Jars aren’t being refilled. What to do with empty jars that need cleaning?

   Take them to "the lounge" — here there are large kitchen sinks. Someone needs to bring in a bottle for washing up liquid  – bottle is now with other cleaning equipment under cash machine.


5. Placing personal orders: a reminder to food hub, please signify that they have been ordered and draw a line under it.


At this point there was recognition that the Green Action meeting was being dominated by a discussion of Co-Op stuff. As changes in the Co-Op are happening very rapidly everyone agreed it might be good to have a coop volunteers meeting in the co-op itself. However, no date/time has yet been set.


6. Storage space for the co-op – do we want storage space lock ups near the common room?

   decision that: wouldn’t be suitable for food.

   Would be suitable for all the other stuff to allow more space for food in the co-op.

   Take the Space! Action: Guilia


7. Discussion point: change all pricing to 100g? Decision: yes. However, to be raised next meeting (awareness that there is an objection from members not present at the meeting)


3.  Membership

Points raised:

We are a members co-op that works as a cooperative, encourages active involvement, and is so, SO much more than a shop. Since the movement of the co-op, many more people have been using it. This means that when losses are made, they can be much greater. (increase in order: out and income all much higher). Therefore it is all the more important to make sure people pay the membership fee before using the Co-Op. Plus, resultant funds help reduce loss and can be used to bolster the campaigning branch of Green Action


   Ensure everyone using the Co-op is a member

   Encourage members, they are then part of a cooperative and get to have a say in  how its run

   Make the point that we sell at cost price, so need to minimise losses


-Membership cards?

   they allow us easily to see who’s a member

   they make people feel that the two pounds results in something tangible, proof

   it would be easy to make the transition starting now


What are the possibilities?

   make a design and then print (cost incurred>?)

   use old business cards (free) and make a stamp (potentially minimal) (plus old business cards are good hard paper)


   Action: Maia to find out about cost breakdown, options, and raise for final decision at the next meeting.


4. Allotment

Rita presented feedback from the allotment meeting.

Lots of exciting new ideas to get more allotment involvement. Most important element: GET INVOLVED! Sundays, 12-2pm! It’s well exciting.

   Suggestions for an allotment week, everybody bringacake and get stuck in

   skipping for wood

   more allotment socials

   permaculture workshops

   individual plots


5. Workshops

   Check the signs in the Co-Op

   Next workshop: Wednesday 1730 till 19h in Meeting Room 3, make your own toiletries!

   When is the bread making workshop…? ambiguity. What was the decision? When where, who? understanding that it was Gauthier – Guilia to contact him.


6. Radical Roots. Go check it out. Price was still unclear but described as "cheap". If you want to go, get in touch with Guilia or Tim asap: as in, before next meeting.