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Working on Waste: Feeding the Future

FYI all….this could be fascinating…all trustees, directors and leadership of IGD are from the mega food corporations of the world…I find it difficult to imagine that they have the world in mind by being part of this…but who knows?    Richard

Working on Waste: Feeding the Future 11:45 – 2:00 (talk 12:00 until 1:00 then refreshments and networking)

Speakers from the University, Marks and Spencer, and IGD, a food and consumer goods industry research charity, will be discussing food sustainability at ‘Feeding the Future’ on Thursday 30 October at stage@leeds.  Each will give an insight into the impact of food waste and future solutions. Admission to the event is free, but places are limited and you will need to register in advance.  For more information and to sign up, please see the Feeding the Future webpage<>.

Apple Day

We’ll need two (or more) people on the stall and someone to oganise transporting the coop’s staples/snacks there and back at beg/end of the day. the event is held in Headingley at the Heart centre. Taking part costs us £15 but we normally make it back throughout the day by selling grains, snacks etc. It’s still a ways away but Helen would like to know if we’re in. Val is not sure she can be there on the day this year but is am happy to help organising/coordinating it when it comes to it. If interested contact Val or the Green Action list.

Located at the HEART Centre, Bennett Road, LS6 3HN

Meeting Minutes 27-1-14

Hidden Cafe

Present: Kay, Noëlie, Asa, Sam, Richard, Barney, Luke Time 6:10 to 7:40

1. The Green Action Give it a Go Spring 2014 is a bicycle powered film screening in the Hidden Cafe on Friday 14  February. We are paying £200 to rent the screening kit. The point is to encourage folks to join Green Action and to get new and current members enthused about our group, values, and mission.

Need to pick the movie so [ACTION POINT] Kay will  put together a list of movie options in an email and ask folks to chose the top one. Asa is getting roommate to make posters to promote.

2. Honey working group: ACTION Sam will do meeting day options on a Doodle and send the mail out telling some history and encouraging people who are not involved to take part.

3. Facilitation skill share from Luke: this is the next step from our Concensus workshop to be able to confidently facilitate meetings and this is something GA can host for a lot of the small charities and activist groups in Leeds. We need some GA folks to take this on and do it. Work is mostly about communicating with other groups, getting a room, and contacting the Seeds for Change folks. Coming up this winter or spring on a weekend day. Barney says he can help organize it. WHO WILL STEP UP AND HELP HIM? Should find a date and suggest to Claire (SFC). With the Green Fund, would pay for workshops on footprint reduction so it may be worth organizing this as well.

4. SHOUT OUT FOR Students for Cooperation is a conference it is in Birmingham . ACTION SAM WILL send an email and get the flyers out to get folks to go along.

5. We have many empty soap containers taking up valuable space in the coop store front.  ACTION Sam and Asa will take them away and reuse them.

6. We need another container for the big bags of bulk food (flours, oats, TVP, etc.). ACTIONS Kay  will look at freegle and Richard will check University Reuse for one. Anyone have one to donate? If not then Richard will purchase something.

7. Goosemoor isn't getting their containers back and they take up all our extra space in the storefront. We need a consistent process of returns, so ACTION Asa will talk to them when he puts in the next order.

8. Green Action Handbook: Did you know Green Action has a handbook? We do (see the GA Web Site) and it is in the process of being updated with how things work currently. [ACTION POINT] Handbook is being moved to  a wiki by Richard for updating by coordinators and seasoned members. Interested? Stay tuned.

9. Departmental membership: how to handle them, how do we know who is part of it. Should they have a different relationship than regular members? Green Impact representatives could be a go between with the departments… Having a relationship with them shows that we are valuable if the union decides to take the shop away. ACTION Noëlie will check with sustainability person to come to next meeting to help us think about how to engage with departments.

MORE ACTIONS Luke is working on the updated GA flyer to engage. Richard will look at the email from Joel on departmental memberships.

10. Sam is unigreen email guy now. Filtering all of the email, so that we don't have to deal with it. Good work Noëlie, the previous email filterer!

11. For this term our big things are the Lembas/Suma debate and Improving Communication. All members stay tuned as these can use your input and energy.

12. How do we get more members working. ACTION Kay will send an email. We have the training protocol where seasoned members have a star by their shift and new members needing training will work with one of them.

13 VAT- has not been added to the cost of foods/products. The coop pays the VAT, so when it is not added, we lose. Also people with personal order should be paying VAT if required.  SAM WORKS Thursday morning to make sure it happens when the Lembas order comes in.. Kay will check so that the food hub and personal orders pay for the VAT when they pay for their order.

14. There was a question of having a stash of bottles for oil when folks forget them…Sam sends them to the recycling bin to wash something out. People need to remember to bring their own reusable contains, that what we value – REUSE. How to get members to bring containers?? Should we have a stash of a few bottles….What about a label on them that says Green Action recycles!


~ There will be a social for volunteers at the shop…watch for it…

~ Getting new folks working! Folks needing to do an induction…it will happen this Thursday from 4 to 6 and you can work with Barney on any of his shifts (see the rota.)

~ Sam is going to pass the word on Facebook  that shift workers are needed.

~ There is a faire  that Noelie knows about and is looking into getting us a booth…happens in Parkinson…

~ next agenda …..selling Leeds Brad Coop bread, departmental membership protocol

Greenly yours, notetaker