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Food Co-op minutes 1/3/12

Green Action Food Co-op minutes 1/3/12

Present: Sinead (note-taking), Tim (mediating), Rosie, Neil, Freya, Alice, Polly, Sarah R, Jess, Pia, Sarah, Val

Motions discussed from suggestion list in co-op:

  • Buying scoops for oats/muesli
  • Ideas for recycled scoops, make one out of an old milk carton – PASSED
  • Buying more funnels
  • Necessary for 1 x vinegar, 1 x oil, 1 x body cleaning, 1 x industrial cleaning – PASSED
  • Agreed that funnels must be washed out after each use, please take on board!
  • Request for a sink
  • Nearby sinks in the lounge and girls toilet sufficient, not enough space in co-op
  • Poster suggested to demonstrate routine for cleaning funnels/bottles/scoops etc
  • Request for a kettle
  • Cluttering and not entirely necessary as shift only 2 hours long – health and safety concerns raised
  • Perhaps campaign for Peanut Gallery to re-open instead – FAILED
  • Buying a measuring jug for liquids
  • Suggested 1 x consumable liquids, 1 x non-consumable liquids – PASSED
  • In line with awareness of need to wash it up after use like funnels
  • Request for tea towels
  • Unnecessary and cluttering, as no need for them before no need for them now
  • Buying tongs
  • Neil to investigate buying second-hand tongs from property aid

Issues about stocking items

  • Policy on what to order from Lembas
  • Creation of an ‘anti-shopping’ list for people to suggest what not to stock and a reason why; if you make a suggestion, please come to the next Food Co-op meeting in order to discuss it
  • To be raised at the AGM
  • Stocking ‘Lippy’ magazine
  • Suggestion to stock the new editions of ‘Lippy’ (feminist-leaning publication)
  • Dependent on what size and style of publication was proposed; no to a big, glossy magazine, but consider at AGM if everyone is agreed to stock a ‘zine (small, non-glossy magazine)
  • Stocking Organic Juice from Leeds Urban Harvest
  • Proposition to stock 3-5 bottles a week initially, £1-£1.50 per bottle (£1 is packaging returned each time you buy more juice)
  • Would need a separate money box to legitimize the bottle recycling scheme (i.e Slug Pie)
  • Tuesday as the proposed delivery day as not busy and has time to sell during week
  • Val as the mediator to organise delivery dates etc. and quantities (start off small)
  • Poster and Flyer policy on stocking
  • Should ONLY be in Co-op if it is in line with our policies e.g. environmental awareness, sustainability etc.
  • Current uni exec campaign – co-op not to display any posters, but emails are allowed from candidates in support of Green Action policies
  • Campaign to remove posters around campus to be organised by Freya (and get lots of lovely blue-tack for the co-op!)

Subsequent general issues raised:

  • Washing up equipment
  • Reminder to please wash up before end of each shift, all equipment under the counter!
  • Personal Order book
  • Food Hub to make ordering date clearer in book so deliveries become less confusing
  • Goosemoor orders
  • Recent confusion around new regional orders clarified
  • All orders are local region by default, therefore it is an ‘opt-out’ scheme rather than an ‘opt-in’ scheme
  • Please please  please check that the customer has paid the right amount and ordered the correct box; fruit box prices are £3 (s), £6 (m), £9 (l), veg box prices are £3 (s), £5 (m), £10 (l)
  • Neil offered to make a poster to help clarify the system J
  • CATS shop redecorating and have offered us storage (e.g. shelves, transparent boxes etc.)
  • Must be measured to fit or perhaps have a hanging option
  • Tim to investigate
  • Radical Routes 25th May
  • Next meeting in May in Scotland, could develop into a Green  Action holiday
  • Potential of group travel up there etc.
  • More information closer to the time
  • Climate Week 12th – 16th March
  • How do we want to be involved?
  • Raise suggestions at AGM