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Student Co-op Get Together & Bring-a-Dish


There's going to be a student food co-ops evening get-together in York on Tuesday 8th May – for any northern student food co-ops (and those further afield if they're up for travelling to York)!


We'll be visiting York Scoop's lovely little shop, sharing ideas and info and generally getting to know each other! It will be a bring-and-share dinner with and tea and things provided, kicking off at 6.30pm.


If you want to come, email or post a message on the 'Student Food Co-op Network' Facebook group.


Crash space in York can be provided if needed – email Emily from York Scoop at or find her and other York Scoopers on Facebook 'Scoop (York Student Food Co-op)'.


Come and join in the food co-op fun!


Green Action AGM

Interested in learning some new skills? Gaining some more responsibilities? No this is not another soul-crushing university job fair, it's the Green Action AGM! Where these things are actually fun and for a good collective cause! 

When? Thursday 19th April 

What time? 6.30pm – 8.30pm (room is booked for slightly longer but let's try to stick to 2 hours!)

Where? Meeting Room 4, The ARC (the upstairs bit), Leeds University Union

According to the union the AGM is the time to elect a new committee, give everyone an update on the society's progress, and make any amendments to the constitution. As you'll probably know we don't operate within a hierarchal framework and so don't have a 'committee' as such, however there are certain positions we have to keep things ticking over (and these do not have to be restricted to one person!). Speaking from experience these positions are really fun (stop your dirty thoughts right there) and I've learnt a lot and made some great friends through getting more involved with Green Action. So come along! Even if you don't want to nominate yourself for anything please come to support other members and have a say in the constitution. 

The agenda for the AGM will include: 

– Report of the years activities (anyone who has anything to report, go for it, we'll sort this out at the beginning like a regular meeting)

– Finance report 

– Read constitution and make any amendments

– Elections for positions of Co-op coordinator, Food Hub (Lembas orders), Goosemoor orders, Website, Allotment, Accounts (any I've forgot?). We also need three people to officially put their names down as 'President', 'Secretary' and 'Treasurer' for the union as a point of reference. 

– Any other business 

We need at least 20 people to attend for this to be registered as an official AGM so put this in your diaries/google calendars/ Filofaxes (Filofax all the way!) and remind all your Green Action friends! As usual there will be snacks (don't tell me you haven't had Bombay mix withdrawals over the Easter break!) and general merriment. 

Okay I've rambled on for long enough but I have just one last important point – can everyone who has had any of the aforementioned positions (Goosemoor, food hub, allotment etc) pleeeeeease try and come along so they can go through their role for the nominees. The 'committee' is also supposed to prepare a handover booklet for the new one, so could anyone who has or has ever had (or just knows how to do) these roles prepare some sort of little summary sheet to pass on to people? Emailed, printed, collaged, whatever, it doesn't have to be ready for the AGM itself but it would be useful to pass on at some point when people start their roles. 



Green Action Meeting

Come along for some nibbles and natter about all things Green Action.


Two agenda items to wet your appetite:

Money – we've got some who want's it? e.g. allotment need gloves

Israel and Goosemoor – avacados are being sourced from conflict zone, do we really want to be complicit in this?