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We have two plots on Woodhouse Moor Allotments where members grow together and share in the harvest. From April 2015 we are meeting up on Mondays at 5pm but if you have a key you can come any time!
(Keys are available for £3 deposit at the co-op)

Meeting the allotment team

Having previously met Luke, one of Green Action’s coordinators, for an initial discussion on how I can best contribute to the organisation; I was looking forward to meeting the rest of the team and getting started. Meeting at Hyde Park Source, an environmental community organisation close to Leeds University, I was introduced to fellow organisers; Val, Naomi and Karl over freshly baked bread and homemade soup.

Clearly very passionate about sustainability, the environment and community participation, everyone was very friendly, and bubbly with excitement; although realistic about the nature of a largely a student fuelled organisation. An important point to understand was highlighted; at the end of each academic year, many of the years volunteers will leave. There was a real possibility that coordinators will be over stretched and the allotment will fall idle, perhaps for months.

I was keen to explore the efficiency of the allotment space and how to avoid both over using the space and stretching remaining volunteers at the end of each academic year. However, of more importance on this occasion was discussing how best to accommodate the influx of new volunteers at the first introduction event, sche­duled for the following day.

A fresh rota of weekly meetings was arranged and facilities for the next day’s introductory talks confirmed. At the close of the meeting, I took up the opportunity to gather a selection of photos showing the current state of the allotment; clearly there is a great deal of potential with the two plots. I am looking forward to contributing how the space develops.


Gardeners Question Time in Leeds!

On the 28th of October the BBC flagship horticultural show ‘Gardeners Question Time’ will be recorded at Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan University). The event is hosted by a university-supported project: Back to Front, which was formed to create ‘front gardens that look good and taste better’ by inspiring people to grow fruit and vegetables in deprived areas of Leeds. Leeds Beckett Landscape Architecture students played a major role in the early days of Back to Front, helping to design a manual for would-be growers which included creative hints and tips on cultivating small front gardens using innovative and fun ‘up-cycled’ materials. This year students will be designing demonstration gardens in Cross Green to help inspire members of the public. Gardeners of all persuasions are invited to come and meet the panel, and ask questions on any horticultural topic of their choosing. Eric Robson is in the chair and the team will be Bob Flowerdew, Christine Walkden and Matthew Wilson.

Autumn Sowing


Please join us at 4pm on the allotment and then 7pm for the Zero Carbon Britain lecture in the school of earth and environment.  



Sometimes things just fall into place and life moves forward, as it should. This summer has been one of those summers I think you might agree. As Autumn daubs its colours onto our green places it seems the ball has been set rolling, the leaves let drifting, we are in for a good one.


I invited you last week to turn with the seasons and join us on the land to be part of these changes. How that afternoon turned into a beautiful occasion as the compost was aerated and the paths cleared and the potatoes dug up and the fire stoked and the stew bubbled, the moon bright and round.


Val and myself turned the compost again lastnight dancing over the muddy task in our glad rags, quite a task! The temperature is rising and the worms are already feasting, I hope you might come to be so excited by this turning, the light soil the happy worms, for the pile must keep turning.


This week let it all fall into place again! The sun is set to shine the ground is prepared and ready for sowing, we have many varieties of beans donated by friends, we are ahead of the game and will have strong crops in spring. Give us strong flavors they cry, give us garlic we respond, lets get it in! when the night draws close ever earlier we can retreat, maybe to the pub maybe a small fire. We can pass some time before before an ex green actioner, traveling from far gives us a glimmer of hope, what would a Zero Carbon Britain look like?


Hopefully we will have many new faces as well as old


Come to the centre of the park (woodhouse moor) if you have not been before. 


If you cannot find us call Val or myself


Luke – 07542437755

Val – 07826715566


Allotment afternoon

Come to the plot tomorrow afternoon for a bit of digging, chatting, weeding, tea drinking, and seed sowing. If the weather allows us we'll be getting beetroot and more tasty salad in, mmmmm….

Also, we're gonnna finish off the veggie wooden signs some of us made last week. They look ace, thanks people for getting involved!

The plot looks sooo good, veggies are all actually growing (:p), in almost-straight-lines even!  And all of this was thanks to all the people who worked on it during winter and spring.. so thank you all! 

Hope to see you in the 'morrow,