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We have two plots on Woodhouse Moor Allotments where members grow together and share in the harvest. From April 2015 we are meeting up on Mondays at 5pm but if you have a key you can come any time!
(Keys are available for £3 deposit at the co-op)

Allotment evening

After failing to get together on sunday the weather looks amazing today heading to the lots at 5. We need to sort out the no dig sight and prepare the beds for pumpkins. There is Ruhbarb to be harvested and beans to be seeded and taken home to germinate.  

Friendly Fire and Allotment Session

Last sunday was a huge success with many curious new faces leaving with a smile! We made the plot look beautiful and celebrated round the fire with a hearty stew. Lets have another one!

Come and get down to Woodhouse More (Hydepark) for the Environmental extravaganza (12-3pm) and we will try and captivate some members of the public to join us for an afternoon of turning our second plot into productive paradice. Later on in the evenig we will get the fire going and cook up another hearty broth so bring some veg, pulses, lentils, chillies and everything else you can think of for a celebrating the flavours of the land.

No experience or tools are required so please come allong!

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Allotment Fun!

taking advantage of the weather to have some sweet sweet allotment times! We'll arrive after the day's work is done at five, do enough digging/planting in the dying light to justify our presence, and then reward our labour. The plan is to cook up a stewy feast on the fire (everyone bring a bowl and something to throw in the pot), and then huddle round the blaze sipping ale and swapping Woodstock stories. What could be better?