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Calais Migrant Solidarity Training

Are you thinking of going to Calais this year?

Solidarity Training weekend, 10-5, Sat 23 & Sun 24th Feb

Calais Migrant Solidarity is network of people acting in practical
solidarity with migrants and refugees in resistance to border regimes.

If you're interested in supporting people in Calais, here are  some of the
things we do:

* Document police and state abuse :  See 'This Border Kills' >
* Intervene in evictions, raids and arrests
* Detainee and prisoner support
* Regular demonstrations and actions
*  Workshops,  cinemas,  language  exchanges,  info  on  asylum  sessions,
 music making, bike maintenance, building stuff etc
* Squatting and building shelters
* First aid
* Distribute  materials  :  tents,  blankets,  clothes,  food,  water and
firewood to the squats and 'jungles'
* Cooking with autonomous kitchen collectives (particularly in July and

You can get involved in one project or several, stay for a several days or
several weeks. We welcome new ideas, energy and any skills.

Going to Calais can be a daunting process and we want to ensure people
have all the information they need to prepare themselves for time there.

This training weekend will be an opportunity to explore some of the
aspects of CMS work, look at how people can get involved in ongoing
practical solidarity and discuss new ideas for the future of CMS.

It is also important that whilst in Calais the information we share is
up-to-date. So we'll be running some info-sessions on UK asylum process as
well as info on detention.

This will be a chance to learn about different aspects of how border
regimes are enforced, and look at ways we can share our knowledge and
skills over different tools for resistance.

It will also be a chance to link up with others involved in the CMS/No
Borders network and hear about different groups’ projects. A space to
share ideas, speak to people who have spent time there and a great
opportunity for sharing skills.

We want to emphasise that the weekend is open for all, including people
who have or have not been to Calais before.

If you would like to book a space please contact: .
Also indicate if  you would like accommodation for the weekend.

A full schedule will follow soon and can be emailed to you.

For regular updates on the situation in Calais see our blog :

Traveller Solidarity Network Infotour

1in12 Library
21-23 Albion Street
Bradford BD1 2LY

Many Gypsies, Roma and Travellers face harassment and repression and suffer forced evictions for who they are, and for leading the lifestyle they have lived for centuries.

The Info Tour is touring the country in March building links between local activists and traveller sites, to resist repression and discrimination.

More info at

Leeds Summat 2011

The Leeds ‘Summat’ Gathering 2011 needs YOU!

Summat Logo 2011  Graffiti  Connect  Crunchy issues

The Leeds ‘Summat’ is back on Saturday 26th November 2011, with more to look forward to than ever… and we’d love to have YOU involved! Read on.

Across North Africa and the Middle East, people have begun to imagine a different future, and to explore different ways of living together and sharing resources. Spain too is experiencing spontaneous eruptions of people filling public squares to talk and eat together.

We may not be experiencing the same degree of oppressive government or economic difficulties. But economically, socially, environmentally, internationally, politically and more – the need for imaginative thinking, innovative action, and making connections is just as urgent… and exciting!

What do we already know?
What are we doing that might be an ‘outpost’ of the future?
What are our big questions and next steps?
The Leeds Summat Gathering 2011 is a day for people from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds to come together and share experiences, wisdom, and encouragement and to take away something positive and thought-provoking – to put towards creating a brighter future, in whatever way they can. The day will be jam-packed with music, workshops, art, conversations, film, speakers, and much more…
Put Saturday 26th November in your diary – we hope to see you then! And we need your help to help make it happen…

We’re looking for:

*Volunteers to join our project team… NOW!*
We are currently recruiting a volunteer team to help develop and deliver different elements of the event – a range of roles, with varying time commitments. Find out more at Apply now!

*Workshop sessions*
Want to share your knowledge and experience with others? Looking to connect with others around shared issues? We’re looking for a wide range of workshops at the Summat – hosted by YOU! To find out more, click here:

*Stall holders*
We’re also inviting people to hold engaging, interactive stalls at the Summat. Interested? Click here:

*Arts and performance*
Arts and creativity have a key role to play in shifting our imagination and generating social change. We’re therefore looking for people to perform and/or run activities that get the creative juices flowing at the Summat! Find out more at
Please note that initial deadlines to apply for many of these opportunities is Friday 22nd July 2011. And SPREAD THE WORD!! If you or anyone you know would be interested in being involved, or have ideas to share, please be in touch:
We look forward to seeing you in November, or look out for us at Leeds community galas over the summer.

Best wishes,

The Leeds Summat 2011 partnership

Leeds Anti Sex Trafficking (, Leeds City of Sanctuary (, The Community Development Services Alliance for the African Diaspora (, Leeds Community Organising, Leeds Kashmir Muslim Community Centre and Mosque (Beeston), Leeds Love It Share It thinktank (, The Manuel Bravo project (, Space2 community arts (, Leeds Tenants Federation (, TIDAL (Trade Injustice and Debt Action Leeds;, Together for Peace (T4P), and the Yorkshire and Humber Faiths Forum (


Tatting Leeds Festival for asylum seekers

Thousands of tonnes of good camping equipment, clothes and other materials are going to be dumped after Leeds Festival. We’re planning to do something about it to help both the environment and those in desperate need of it. A new group SolAIDarity (well an off shoot of ATC and other groups) has formed to go to festivals and tat down stuff and redistribute
it to various good causes – in particular to the migrants in Calais.

We have negotiated permission to go to several festivals – and have already taken lorry load of stuff from Glastonbury. Leeds Festival is next on the agenda, so if you want to get involved in this great project then let us know. If you are up for volunteering with us on 1st & 2nd September (Monday & Tuesday) and especially if you have a vehicle we can
load up, then please get in contact. If not, then consider a donation towards the cost of fuel…

If you know of anyone who might be interested or can provide us with vans, etc, the please forward this on.

Contatct for more info

Recycled Life

UK Friends of Safe Passage Presents.. ‘Recycled Life’. Join us for an evening of Guatemalan food, Columbian Folk Music and a documentary about the Guatemala City rubbish dump, and people whos lives depend on it. A free event, but donation welcome, going to Safe Passage- and NGO supporting families who work on the dump.