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Drax29 – climate activists on trial

This is a call out for continued support each day outside the Crown Court in Leeds. Come down to the Crown Court from

9:30 to 10:30am

with enthusiasm and support. Banners will be provided!

Public support of climate activism is an essential part of keeping climate change on the agenda.

As the case will depend on the jury’s opinion please dress accordingly.  If you actually want to go into the court room try and come smartly dressed!

Media Coverage from outside the court so far:




From Indymedia:

Drax power station is the largest single source of carbon dioxide emissions in the British Isles. There is overwhelming evidence that carbon dioxide emissions are the cause of climate change which is already causing environmental devastation across the globe [0]. Unless carbon dioxide emissions are massively and urgently reduced, climate chaos is likely to lead to an irreversible collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem.

Today emergency health warnings were being broadcast about the latest potentially fatal heatwave to hit the UK [1].

The UK government and power industry have dragged their feet throughout efforts to bring emissions down to safe levels, or even to reduce their rate of growth. Despite decades of reassurances from government and industry, the UK is producing more emissions now than ever. In the face of this global emergency, it’s a source of great hope (perhaps our only hope) that a small but growing number of people are willing to take matters into their own hands at great personal risk.

The "Drax 29" are twenty-nine ordinary people who took direct action against the fossil fuel madness last summer. As was widely-reported at the time [2] [3] [4] [5], they stopped a train-load of coal on its way to the power station.

The defendants are unable to discuss the bizarre strictures imposed on their defense until after the trial. They arrived by bicycle at Leeds Crown Court today. A large crowd gathered outside to show their support, with banners saying, "Burning coal is killing us," "Stopping climate change is not a crime," and "Drax power station kills 180 people per year."

One of the people who came to show their support said, "Direct action is the only option left, everything else has been tried and failed. What people need to understand is that this is an emergency."

The trial is expected to last up to two weeks.

[0] United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

[1] NHS: Heatwave amber alert

[2] Leave it in the Ground: Drax Coal Train Halted

[3] Pictures from Drax train action

[4] Guardian: Climate change protesters hijack coal train

[5] BBC: Climate protest halts coal train

Climate chaos cafe -25/02/09

This week’s Climate Chaos Cafe, on Wednesday 25th feb (this week) at 6.45pm at the Common Place.
This week, Chris Mackins of YANC (Yorkshire Against New Coal) wiil be giving an overview of coal, what YANC’s aims and objectives are/were, what kind of responses that we’ve had – and from this, what individuals/groups can consider to keep the pressure ion in the lead up to the Kingsnorth decision being taken.

Hope you can come along and take part in this vital discussion.
Excellent food is to be provided at a cheap price.

If you could print out some posters and put them up that would be brilliant.

Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion Campaign Meeting

you may or may not have heard that Bridgepoint (the owners) are hoping to exspand Leeds Bradford Airport (by 60%!!)

obviously exspansions of this kind a terrible for the climate but also for other local pollution (NOxs etc.) and noise polution.

Anyway there is a meeting on how we can stop this from happening in the Common Place, 4.00, Saturday.

hopefully a lot of people will be there and we can have a big campaign on this, there are loads of groups coming so it sould be good. Bridgepoint seem pretty confident but so are we.

there are a shed load of actons we can take from lobbying indivdual councillors to publisity stunts around town to flash mobs to whatever.

so lets do what we do…


Green Week Planning Meeting

The first meeting on Green Week 09 is going to be held on Weds 11th Feb at 3.30 in the Peanut Gallery.

It’s going to be massive so all help is appreciated.

This initial meeting will just be a brainstorming session on what we want in the week etc

There’s a facebook group called Green Week Organising Group 2009! that’ll have loads of info in the coming weeks

I hope as many of you as possible can make it and encourage fellow society members/friends to come along!


Copenhagen Activist Tour

Do we cheer them on, block them in, or close them down?

When? 16th Feb 2-5pm (but welcome to join anytime)
Where? Peanut Gallery, LUU, Leeds Uni (for directions ask at reception)

What? Mads (Danish activist from Klimax) will kick off a discussion about the movement to stop climate change.
Why? The UN talks in Copenhagen this December are supposed to be the place where world leaders agree a new international deal to stop climate change. But progress so far has been undermined by corporate lobbying and false, market-based solutions. When activists from across Europe hit the streets of Copenhagen, should we be calling on governments to do better, blockading them in until they come up with a good deal, or be saying they are so flawed we should try to close them down?

Most people now agree that we need to do something about climate change. But there isn’t agreement on what. For corporations and most governments it’s a form of green (or maybe greenwashed) capitalism and before we even get there it will probably be too late. In opposition to this corporate agenda, social movements in the South have proposed ‘climate justice’, a transition to a sustainable world which sees the rich minority who caused climate change pay to put it right, not try and push the costs onto the poor majority.

Within this more progressive agenda proposals range from a ‘green new deal’ of state-led investment for social and environmental goals, to those who argue that only a grassroots anti-capitalism can get us out of this mess. This is the political background to the mobilisation around the Copenhagen climate talks and the strategic and tactical decisions activists are trying to make about it.

This is a chance for activists who are less and more involved in climate campaigning to come together and discuss all these issues. We can also talk about how we mobilise for what may be one of the most important events since the ‘battle’ of Seattle exactly 10 years previously.

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