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Here is info on things Green Actioners care about and posts on what we’ve been up to, to change things

Zero Carbon Britain

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has produced a report on how Britian could become zero Carbon by 2050. Someon from CAT is coming to talk about the report.


We are anticipating this event to be very popular please send an email to luke_tilley@ if you would like to attend!


6pm, Seminar room 3 (level 8) Earth and environemnt  

Public Meeting: No to Fracking

This summer, mass protests erupted when fracking company Cuadrilla started drilling in Balcombe in Sussex. But fracking will soon be happening in the North too.

 *Cuadrilla had to stop when their first attempts at fracking in Lancashire caused earthquakes and the casings of their wells were shattered. Now they’re planning to start work in Lancashire again.

 *Another fracking company, IGas, is planning to start work soon in Salford.

 * Coal bed methane projects have been approved across Yorkshire.

 * The Yorkshire coastline faces the threat of coal gasification – which involves setting fire to coal seams to release gas.
 We have just enough time to stop fracking taking hold in the UK. The industry is in its infancy and is vulnerable. Success lies with nation-wide community resistance.

 Join us at the public meeting to find out more about what fracking is and how we can work together to stop fracking in the North:

 * Report back from anti-fracking protests in Balcombe.

 * Speakers on the issues around fracking and other unconventional fossil fuels

 * Speakers from local communities across the North fighting off fracking including Residents Against Fracking in Fylde and Say No to Fracking on Barton Moss.

 What is fracking?

 Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. It is associated with water contamination, health problems in neighbouring communities, leakage of methane causing climate change and the industrialization of the countryside, amongst other impacts.

FREE TOUR – Incredible Edible, Todmorden trip


Join us on a really exciting afternoon out to visit the Incredible Edible town, Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Find out how this small town aims to provide local food for all by working as a community to transform public spaces into beautiful and productive gardens. From school to classroom to kitchen the town is working together to come up with positive, practical solutions to food sovereignty.


Check out their great website –


The community chair Mary Clear has offered to give us a tour for free (usually £10/head!!) so the only cost will be travel £6.40 off peak open return on the train an hour each way.  We will be leaving at 12.54 from Leeds station and can get any train back we want. It is their town center planting day so we might want to get stuck in, Bring snacks, waterproofs and money for the pub or similar.


Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in coming so I can let Mary know numbers and book tickets.