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Badidas – Protest against Footlocker


Today a some of us, teamed up with a Leeds Met Green to protest against Adidas who have been refusing to pay $1.5 million to Indonesian workers in redundancy fees. The factory workers were paid back by the other companies using it (including Nike), but Adidas have refused. Only offering food vouchers worth 8% of what they are owed and only being able to use them at supermarkets (unable to spend them on healthcare and education). At the same time Adidas can spend $100 million sponsoring the olympics. We cannot let them get away with this… 

People and Planet had put on a national day to protest outside Footlocker to pressure them to pressure Adidas. There was a great turn out around the country so hopefully together we made an impact. 

People were happy to take our flyers and talk to us. Footlocker had even hired security just for us… so we must be annoying them slightly… hopefully enough!

Is the symbol of mindless consumerism: bottled water, set to return to the union?

In the 2008 referendum one of our members Aly put forward the idea to phase out bottled water from the union run shops, and to install water coolers and have reuseable bottles for sale in the shop. Bottled water is hugely environmentally damaging and we felt that students were also being ripped off give it costs 500- 2000 times more than tap water. P&P and Green Action spent hours and hours creating publicity and campaigning to have to phased out, resulting in a record referendum turn out. Our proposal passed with a large majority showing clear student support. We featured in the Guardian and the union is held as an exemplary example of phasing out bottled water.

Now the ban is under threat thanks to our brillant democratic process and one very eager consumer of the bottled stuff.

The next union forum could decide whether bottled water is back. Please come on Monday 17th October 5.30pm in LUU conference room upstairs in the union to show your opposition.

check out this video on bottled water and its impact



GM-crops returning to the UK, and Leeds university in particular…

GM is set to return to the UK, despite no addressing of safety concerns since we last refused it.

For particular detail, see

But in general…

10 years ago direct action and society-wide campaigning in the UK prevented commercialisation of GM crops in Britain.  The EU laid down a "moratorium", a sort of wait-and-see, and that wait-and-see time is now over.

In the past 10 years GM companies have worked hard on public opinion, worldwide, and many people believe that GM crops have greater yields and will help feed the world’s poor, but these are myths.


In reality GM is about concentrating control and profit into rich corporations.  Resistance to GM is extremely vocal in the global south.  For example Via Campesina represents 300 million peasant farmers, who are astonishingly unified in their rejection of seed-patenting, "Round-up" dependancy, or a reduction of the natural gene stock.

GM is a failing industry in the US, so its owners are desperate to sell it to Europe, before we also work out that it just doesn’t work.  Last year the number of farmers growing GM in the US went down, not up for the first time, and the Cornish farmer Michael Hart has made a persuasive film about the faillings of the industry called "Farmer to Farmer". 

There are two crop-trials planned for the UK this spring, one near Leeds and one near Norwich.  More may come to light.  Keep an eye on


Buy Nothing Day (BND)

Buy Nothing Day is not asking you to buy nothing today, but instead every time you buy something, think about it and the consequences.



See the images to make other flyers, check out our [[Alternative gift ideas (Buy Nothing Day)|alternative Christmas gifts]] and alternative [[Christmas carols]].


What is so bad about shopping?

As consumers in rich western countries we should question the products we buy and the companies who produce them. The idea is to make people stop and think when they buy how they effect the environment & developing countries. The world seems endless but we are using resources and polluting it more than ever before. Why? In part, it is to provide you with DVD players, new T.V. e.t.c. They use natural resources only to be thrown in a tip. Large companies use factories abroad where workers face constant danger from unsafe conditions.

Shouldn't I shop today?

Buy Nothing Day is trying to make people think about the goods they buy – think before you shop!  We are NOT asking you to go without milk if you run out. Instead, before you buy think about where things come from, how they got here, what resources were used to make them and: do you REALLY need them?

What about the environment?

There are two mains environmental costs for each present you buy: The energy and toxic chemicals used to make the thing you bought.Plastic production uses 8% of the world's oil and involves many toxic chemicals.
(Acrylonnitrile: cause cancer and birth defects. Ethylene Oxide: cause cancer, changes in genetic material, and reproductive problems.  Tetrahydrofuran: Toxic by in ingestion and inhalation, causes potential damage to the central nervous system, liver and kidneys.  Cumene Hydroperoxide: acutely toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and skin absorbtion. A suspected mutagen and terotogen).
Plastic bags, cigarette lighters and toothbrushes are mistaken for food and end up in the stomachs' of dead birds.