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General Green Action Meeting

General Green Action meeting this Wednesday 29th October to go over what we’ve achieved and set new targets. Baines Wing SR 2.15

  • Go through previous meetings action points
  • Working groups (foodhub, allotments & campaigning) report on progress
  • Controversial decisions discussed and consensus tried for
  • Account report 
  • Web report
  • Date set next general meeting
  • Discuss next month’s post-meeting social eg. Skillshare, Film viewing, Understanding Cooperatives  
  • Assign facilitator and minute taker for next meeting
  • Discuss other socials / events that we want to organise in the next month eg. Seeds For Change consensus workshop, bike rides, trips
  • Is grassroots something we want to do at some point this year?

If you want something included or can’t find us, my number is 07714220196


Lets get organised – 2014/15 GA Structure

This wednesday 6pm, venue TBC (Check at our food store in the union) Come along and experience creative consensus decision making in action.Green Action does loads of different things, we manage a popular, not for profit whole food business, grow food on two allotment plots and enage in environmental action and campaighns. It is also a social hub and source of inspiration completely co-ordinated by its members.

We have fun and create a real sense of comunity while learing to organise and take responsibility for our needs without heirachies or explotation. Come along o wednesday to be part of improving our co-op. Hope to see you there! 🙂