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Green Action AGM

Important news, the coop AGM is needed for a proper handover and Rule 9.14.6 says that we need 30 full members to come so GreenAction can remain a society.

If we do not then the Society/Club will be deemed abolished.

The AGM is:

Wednesday 6th of MAY at 3pm in meeting room 5 room in the ARC

Please come along to make sure GreenAction can keep running next year, first and second years are especially needed!  Tell your friends, other coop users, tell everyone.  We are making an agenda but if you have any other items then leave them at the coop.

That was stick, here is the carrot.  There will be cake, drinks and nibbles!

See you on Wednesday.

Another dinner, life and world IS possible! (starting with £600)

Green Action has £600 to spend on nifty, thrifty, positive, creative, inspiring, rocket firing, amazing, blazing ways to promote autonomous, co-operative, sustainable living!  Especially with the recession n that – when people may put greener issues on the back burner – we can show that another dinner, life and world IS possible! (starting with £600..)

So come on up to Meeting Room 5 on Mon 2nd March @ 5.30pm

The first proposal we have is to spend £200 of it on a Poly tunnel for the allotment

There will be CAKE to entice you all..mmmm


Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion Campaign Meeting

you may or may not have heard that Bridgepoint (the owners) are hoping to exspand Leeds Bradford Airport (by 60%!!)

obviously exspansions of this kind a terrible for the climate but also for other local pollution (NOxs etc.) and noise polution.

Anyway there is a meeting on how we can stop this from happening in the Common Place, 4.00, Saturday.

hopefully a lot of people will be there and we can have a big campaign on this, there are loads of groups coming so it sould be good. Bridgepoint seem pretty confident but so are we.

there are a shed load of actons we can take from lobbying indivdual councillors to publisity stunts around town to flash mobs to whatever.

so lets do what we do…