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We are gathering to discuss BIG issues such as-

  • changing our supplier, lembas vs suma
  • should we be completely vegan, should we sell honey?
  • social media, should we be on facebook? 

If you have any ideas it would be good to send everyone a short email to get the idea ball rolling!


Green Action AGM


We are supposed to have 2/3 of our members coming to this… but we don't really have a reliable store of our members luckily for us. BUT ANYWAY. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT SO PLEASE COME. ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU HERE NEXT YEAR!!!! the co-op and green action neeeds youuuuuuuuuu
It is a handover of roles and a chance to bring up any big changes you feel GA should make.
The university requires we have people under the following three positions, but as far as GA are concerned these positions mean nothing – Secretary, President and Treasurer. But we will need to get some names for these things.
However the most important part of the AGM for GA is the roles that help things tick along. We are of course non-hierarchical and so these roles are completely open to anyone and there isn't a cap on how many people can undertake them. Some of them would definitely be best done in groups. The main roles include:
1. Co-op coordinator –
2. Allotment coordinator – /
3. Lembas Food order group – /
4. Goosemoor order group –
5. Finance coordinator –
6. Website coordinator –
If you think you may be interested in any of them I have listed an email address by each of them as to where to get more info before the AGM.
Of course if there are more people than more roles can and probably should be more distributed (potential for cake/other food sources person / meeting/socials organizer/ radical routes keep in toucher / relations with other groups etc…. and gaaad there is potential for so much more)
if you can't make it, but would be interested in a role (that goes to you oversees people too) then just send an email with what and a little reason why you wanna do something and we can discuss that at the AGM.. no problemo.

Bring a dish

An evening of networking and good fooding for Green Action in the heart of the local co-operative movement. Cornerstone housing co-op has very kindly invited us to an evening of sharinging and inspiring. Please bring a vegan dish!  

For more info contact: