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General Meeting 1st December 2015


  • Feedback on Hocketon Trip
  • Feedback on Food hub/ food cafe
  • Allotment update
  • Budgeting
  • Loomio
  • Emails
  • Students for co-operation
  • Accessibility
  • Give it a go
  • Exciting events in the next 2 weeks!

Feedback on Hocketon Trip:

Those who went fedback that they felt inspired by the trip to see Hockerton Housing Project, and enjoyed the chance to get to know other Green Actioners that they wouldn’t usually come across

Feedback on Food hub/ food cafe:

There were discussion around coffee and chocolate. Idea proposed to make a coffee map – mapping the ethical coffee in Leeds. Discussions around the coffee stocked in the shop and why we stock it – both Zapatista and Twin Peak.

Proposal for the Food Hub to follow up this meeting by discussing both of the coffees, why we stock them and how to communicate this to members.

Allotment update:

The allotment are planning to implement a new food composting system using bikashi composting. This has the benefits of being easy to use as any food including meat and diary can be composted and is also rat proof. This will run as a pilot – encouraging more Green Actioners to compost their food waste. If successful, we hope to widen it and implement a community composting scheme with support from the university/union. The Allotment group requested £70 to be spent on 2 blue barrels, a tap and some bikashi bran. This proposal was accepted by the group.

  • Action – allotment group to buy and set up Bikashi composting

It was proposed that the alotment would like a regular annual budget and a separate budgetting system (such as a spreadsheet) so that they are aware of how much money can be allocated.

  • Action – Luke to discuss this with Joy (treasurer)


The question of wider budgetting for all of Green Aciton was brought up and it was suggested we have a participatory budgetting meeting in January w/c 24th. We will look at all the money Green Action has available and set a budget for the rest of the year. This can then be continued as a yearly process at the beginning of each year.

  • Action – Katy to send out doodle closer to the time to find a suitable meeting time for w/c 24th January
  • Luke to facilitate this meeting


We would like to re-introduce Loomio as a useful tool. It was decided that at the budgeting meeting we would include an introduction to how Loomio works. We will also send out an email and facebook message now to introduce members to Loomio so that we can use it again to communicate better and decrease the amount of emails received.

  • Action – Katy to send out invitation to loomio by email and facebook with small description of why we use it
  • Action – Luke to set Marcel know detials of Green Action mailing List
  • Action – Marcel to change the footer of emails to include link to loomio and facebook page


The official email account for Green Action is – currently this email is not being checked.

  • Action – Izzy to check this email, Tudor to act as back up

Students for co-operation:

SfC have emailed asking if they can visit us. The student housing co-op group are in contact with them. It seems to make sense for the student housing co-op group to work as part of Green Action – giving us a co-op shop, allotment, campaigning and housing strand.

  • Action – Izzy to continue contacting SfC as part of student housing co-op and wider Green Action and to reply to email


We are doing a consultation asking everyone for feedback about how to make Green Aciton more accessible (to get more people involved and to make sure we are accessible to those from disadvantaged groups). Please leave feedback in box outside of co-op or using the online suggesiton box – all are anonymous but you can put your contact detials if you;d like us to get back to you

  • Action – meeting to be arranged to discuss feedback after christmas, once all feedback has been gathered

Give it a go:

We would like to put on a pedal powered film in the union next year as our GIAG.

  • Action – Christa to get in touch with the Union to see if we can arrange this

Exciting events in the next 2 weeks!:

  • This week:
    • Tomorrow – Cowspiracy documentary showing 7.30pm in the Common Room of LUU
    • Thursday – shed building session @ the allotment, 2-4pm, contact Chris on 07543539020 for more info
    • followed by – Campaigns political stance meeting 5-7 in Earth and Environment room 8.119
    • Friday – 3 acres and a cow – 7-10.30 –
    • Sunday – allotment meeting from 2pm, contact Katy on 07791352528 for more info
  • Next week:
    • Friday 11th – xmas social based around local drinks (soft drinks and alcoholic) and bring a dish @ Cornerstone Housing Co-operative – 16 Sholebroke Avenue, LS7 3HB, followed by PUB DUB music night at The Chemic Pub in Woodhouse (LS6)

Also check out the student paper next week as there will be an article about us!!

Minutes 26/11/2014

–          Feedback action points from last week


–          FINANCE MEETING: looking at budgeting. 250 pounds for allotment, 200 for food hub, extra money for other activities. 200 for potential problems/backup. Someone from the meeting will put the details on the GA website.


–          Discussion on Loomio: generally positive feedback BUT concerns about if it discourages people from coming to meetings. PROPOSAL: Some people to come up with how Green Action should use Loomio.


–          Campaigning feedback: Sustainability Hub; applied for Green Exchange funding and got it! For anyone interested in being involved: meeting TODAY (27/11/2014) 7pm Parkinson B.08 (basement)



–          Food Co-op feedback: We have been having a discussion about the potential of stocking HONEY. After conducting a food café on the subject of sweeteners members of the food hub decided that honey might be a good thing to stock. We put the decision to consensus at the GM and it was passed unanimously by  11 people. This has previously been a contentious subject, so we want to make very clear that if anyone has any problems with the decision, please come and talk to us about it and the decision will be brought back to the next general meeting. We are also going to make a sign for the coop explaining our decision so that customers have a chance to air their feelings about it too!


–          Real Junk Food Project: Fundraising stall next Tuesday: need a driver to pick up food on Monday (potentially AM?)/ more volunteers. A doodle will be put on the website so people can tell us their availability for manning the stall on Tuesday!



–          Allotment: meeting at 1 on Sunday and then Junk Food Social at 6!


–          Mural for the front of shop: We liked the idea of having templates that people could fill out their own ideas on so we can eventually collate them. If you want to get more involved contact Georgie



–          Interest in introducing a Safe Space Policy: anti-discrimination policy, and conflict resolution. Anyone interested should do a bit of research over xmas and bring back what they find!


–          PROPOSAL: 3 weeks between meetings rather than 4



–          NEXT MEETING: 28th Jan




Action points:


–          GREEN ACTION MEMBERS: ADD YOURSELVES TO THE LOOMIO! Create an account and search Green Action Leeds!

–          Talk in food hub meeting about how we’re going to manage recording finances

–          Bryher: Pick up donations for TRJFP from draw

–          Bryher: Put something on the website about the green week action

–          PUT MINUTES ON THE WEBSITE (I did this!)

–          Bryher and Annmarie: make a ‘Loomio’ document

–          Make a sign about the honey: why we stock it, why its sustainable/ethical

–          Anyone interested: do research on safe space policy over Xmas


Minutes 29/10/14

We had our first meeting post re-structuring and we had lots to get through! Now we have some new meetings and action points below:

Campaigning-  Weds Nov. 5th 5.00 Hidden Café
Finance – Thurs 13th Nov – 6:00 at Hidden Café

Country Ramble/Tree planting – 23rd Nov  – TBC
General Meeting – 26th Nov – Alice will facilitate

Christmas Dinner – 3rd Dec – Cornerstone


Action Points from meeting:

Joseph: Email everyone with proposed campaigning structure and advertise 5th Nov campaigning meeting

Andrea: Organise finance meeting – Thurs 13th Nov 6pm Hidden Café, set £100 aside for Allotments

Hannah B: Ask Union about mural on foodcoop shutters

Alice: Question bread coop on possible workshop. Organise Good Food week between Rosie, Joel and Luke. Get Will from Amnesty International in contact with Joseph. Ask seeds for change for a workshop on consensus.

Steph: Invite people to help write for Leeds Uni Paper

Richard: Create account and page for Leeds Summat

Luke: Email round about getting an allotment key

Ella: Look into Hebden bridge tree planting social 21st-23rd Nov

Asa: Book a room for 26th Nov meeting



Began at about 6:15 Baine’s Wing 2.15

Present- Annmarie,  Jenny, Luke, Richard, Andrea, Leyre, Joseph and Jonas, Asa, Alice, Ella, Bryher

The idea is that our three sub groups report on happening and progress, then the rest of the agenda items get covered.

Allotment~ needs money (their usual budget which has been about £100.) Luke will track the £100 for now until we have another system. They’ve developed a framework of people who can all facilitate work on the plots, they devised a book for tracking money and tasks that is in the storage bin at the plots. Planning to build a shed very soon, will need volunteers. They have transformed the allotments over the last few weeks and are about to plant fall and winter crops.

Food hub~ Monday meetings, planned the first food cafe on honey. Please come! Looking to carry bulk tea at the shop and trying to  get the right supplier. Good attendance 7-10 people at meetings.


Campaigning~ Meeting was postponed. Went to the Political and Campaigning Societies Assembly to meet other society folks instead. Thinking about all the different campaigns we could support such as:

Meat free Mondays

No profit on tampons etc. – sell Mooncups at Essentials?

Get leeds university to go fossil free (as far as investments go)

Amnesty international Human Rights week with Will. Alice has contact to be passed to Joseph

Alice needs someone to take the reigns of Campaigning side of GA. She is doing People and Planet and is stretched too thin.
There is Green Exchange funding available but we need to apply for it (not very hard to do).
So much we could do and so little time… Joseph has a structure in mind to run instead of having a campaign happen yet.

Took time to brainstorm GA campaigns – could be one group that does a campaign then disbands and another group comes on. Ideas for it Joseph will come with a proposal for the next meeting and tell about it at the meeting. Joseph will email everyone with proposed structure and Ella will help with campaigning.

Uni food ethics-the lunch deals should have heathy option
Agriculture Culture
Grassroots…Pedal powered parties
Compost Drive


Accounts~ We have about £700 and £200 in the membership. Issue with membership account. People have to take cash up to the cash office, can’t let it build up. How to do it is in the accounts book in the drawer and in the Handbook. Need to have a finance meeting to figure out a budget so we can plan for regular expenses and unexpected ones.

Website~ Got the contacts sheet on the web site (near the top right Under ABOUT), drawing up instructions for posting. Cleaning out old SPAM and protecting it from SPAMMERS.

Shop graffiti~ Hannah Biggs is checking with the Uni. as to whether it will be OK and if they have to OK the art or not.

Publicity~ Got contacts on web site, got emails of folks, had a GIVE IT A GO to the bread coop. ACTION Alice to question bread coop on possible workshop. Some members will put writings into the Uni paper and can advertise events, particularly on sustainability, if folks are interested, email Steph (in the contacts sheet). Have a fortnightly email newsletter for folks on the handwritten email list (book).

Events~ Need a food event for Good Food Week, from 10th Nov! There is space for us, an idea for comparing the land and water use of meat to vegan diet, the presentation can sit there. Talk to Rosie where we could have an all day display and a sour kraut demo

Other stuff~ Leeds for change website summat event. ACTION RICHARD make an account and put our info on for GA? DONE

Students for cooperation Alice, Issy and Annmarie would need funding to go to Edinburgh, can we fund it? Will ask at next general meeting, post finance meeting.

Can GA reimburse radical routes trip transport? How much for who?

Meetings~ do we want General meetings more often for shorter, less often but longer. Need the subgroup meetings to sort stuff out and make things happen. 

Campaign- meet weds Nov. 5th 5.00 Hidden Café – Joseph to organise
Food hub- Monday Nov 3 5:30 at Hidden Café?
Finance Thurs 13th Nov – 6:00 at Hidden Café – Andrea and Richard to organise?
General on the 26th Nov – Alice will facilitate – Asa book a room

Social~ Ideas from shop: Bike ride, bowling, skill share, movies, a country ramble,  Xmas dinner, big allotment project + bonfire. Tried to choose socials where we could socialise like a walk or meal.

Ella will look into weekend tree planting at Hebden Bridge or a burley and wharf dale walk to Ilkley walk the 23rd Nov

Big Party at Luke’s the 29th Nov

Christmas Dinner at Cornerstone 3rd December

Ended at 8:05 Minutes by Richard D. Improved by Annmarie AKA Wonder Woman

Green Action Gets Organised

Facilitator: Annmarie     Minutes taker: Luke Tilley

Present: Andy, Suzie, Izzy, Steph, Asa, Jack, Joseph, Hanna Biggs, Hannah Meudt Bissera, Zoe, Bianca, Nirvan, Val, Georgie, Jenny  … sorry if I missed anyone

I have hopefully made the minutes bellow interesting and informative it was quite a difficult & exciting meeting to minute take for. I have had to capture the essence of some things we talked about and expand on details if you have any queeres or corrections please note them for the next meeting. (29th October)


Action Points:


Working Groups: Up to date contact lists at the store and on the website

Store volunteers: Star Rota if you can induct someone new on your shift

Asa: Book room for next general meeting on the 29th October

Luke: Email round details of Radical Routes Gathering/ trip

Luke: Remove Alice from email moderation

Luke: Make email/web moderator handbook.

Alice :  Email details for Students for co-operation conference/trip

??? : Chat Steph about Social co-ordinator role

??? : Put up display in store for next social proposals

??? : Book Seeds for change consensus training


20 years of Green Action


This is an exciting year for green action! We are a long standing independent co-operative society with community and environmentalism at its heart.  There are lots of members engaged and excited about the possibilities It is a special year for the co-op as it is its 20th birthday in 2015! This meeting was held to help us effectively organise with such a diverse and large membership.


The Problem


 We run a successful  wholefood business, manage 2 allotment plots and want to engage with campaigning/direct action. We also want to have spare energy for friendships, celebration and outreach. This is a lot of great stuff that we want to achieve! Too much for any one person to be involved in everything.


The current structure of weekly general GA meetings is not working; the majority of the meeting is around important day-to-day decisions that need to be made for the food store. These are not of particular importance to our members interested in the allotments and campaigning and excludes 2 thirds of our membership.


The Solution


Coming together and making decisions is a big part of our society and many of us look forwards to the buzz of productive consensus. We all feel more socials/celebrations are also really important. We will come together as a whole group monthly and then do something social.  We will split into 3 working groups – Allotment, Food hub and Campaigning, with independent decision-making meetings throughout the month.


The General  Meeting


  • Working groups to report on activities
  • Controversial decisions discussed and  consensus tried for.
  • Account report 
  • Web report
  • Discuss social for after next meeting
  • Date set next general meeting
  • Assign facilitator and minute taker.
  • Socialise

Social Coordinator Role  


Someone to make sure the monthly meeting & social happens. They are not responsible for all the organization but responsible for making sure everything is done by someone.


  • Book room for general meeting
  • Make sure someone is organising the social
  • Communicate with group through emails, website, in-person and at the store about upcoming meeting/social.
  •  Remind facilitator and minuet taker for meeting, check agenda is out in advance and minuets are sent round.  




The first working group Meeting



We split into the 3 working groups and started discussing the roles that need filling and problems that need solving. It felt really productive!




Food Hub Meeting Minutes


Food Hub Weekly Meeting Poll

Here’s the doodle poll for deciding the weekly food hub meeting. I’m sorry that there’s an excessive amount of choices!




Food Cafe  – Asa, Georgie, Zoe, Hannah, Bianca, Ann-marie, Hannah, Andy, Joseph
Goosemoor orders – Asa
Lembas orders – Joel, Bissera
Cake – Bissera
Bread – Jenny
Pricing – Ann-marie
General up keep/maintenance – Asa
Invoices/Finance – Andrea
Inductions – Bissera


Email Addresses;

Jenny –
Bissera –
Bianca –
Hannah Meudt –
Ann-marie –
Andy –
Hannah Biggs –
Asa –
Zoe –
Georgie –
Joseph –

Extra Role – promoting meetings/socials – Steph (I had her email but I’ve managed to lose it!)




  • Create an induction pack to email to new email subscribers, so if they volunteer in the shop they have a point of reference.
  • Help Ann-marie with pricing
  • Bissera will set up a thread for the food cafe group
  • Ask Richard to speak to Georgie about the website
  • Georgie will set up a food cafe blog
  • Jenny will communicate with old food group to clarify the new roles




Allotment Group Minutes


Action Points:


Luke: Email moderation session with Jack and Val,

Luke: Computerise map of the allotments, share on website. 

Jack: Email moderation

Val: Buy extra Tupperware 

Luke: Bring plot diary to allotments 

Session facilitators: communicate with Jack about sessions


Allotment working group


An allotment working group has been formed to reduce the responsibility of the project from the allotment coordinators (1-2 people). This is a larger group of people who are up for facilitating the sessions, Communication and publicity have been split into individual roles. This will hopefully increase the consistency and productivity of the sessions by spreading out the tasks involved with any session.


Working Group (to be updated as group becomes settled)


Jack, – Communication Coordinator (facilitator)

Katey – Co communication facilitator?

Erika – publicity coordinator

Val – session facilitator

Luke – session facilitator

Carl –Session facilitator

Naomi – session facilitator

Alice Shipsey? – session facilitator  

Nirvan, – Comrade



2xweekly sessions, Thursdays 3-5, another day TBC possibly Sunday   




Communication co-ordination


Who: Can be anyone who is up for going to the plot regularly. Only needs minimal experience but enthusiastic about project, they will learn a lot! Needs people skills, consistent and organised. (Jack)


Task: Publicize the weekly session on the email List, outside the co-op and encourage word of mouth. Communicating with interested people through texts and email, with info and directions. Making sure that the people who are going to the session know what they can do or there is someone there to show them. Co-coordinating refreshments and the odd social. Report back to whole group at general meeting.


It is not there responsibility to be at every session or to have all the knowledge required or to bring everything needed just to make sure there are people there who can do these things.


Session facilitators –


Who: The person that takes on leading the session, knows what task needs doing. Anyone who has some experience of gardening or facilitation can do this.


Task: Explain/ demonstrate to participants what needs doing. Makes sure refreshments happen.  Makes a note in the plot diary of who came, what was done and what needs doing next.





Who: Someone interested in the success of the allotment project but prefers less muddy hands. Really important role! Needs to enjoy creative writing and be a confident computer user.  (Erika)


Task: Blog writing/coordinating, photo taking. Learn how to access our website, flickr and email lists The website is very easy to use get to grips with this.  Regular updates and



Campaigning Group


Low on numbers at this meeting but confident for more interest. Excitement for campaigning for student housing co-ops, lots of interest in this. Other ideas welcome!


Wednesday meetings 6pm planned


 – Alice Shipsey initially co-ordinating but roles will be decided and shared out at the next meeting.