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anything you would like to share with green action

Making Green Action more accessible


We’re doing a consultation on the accessibility of Green Action, and we’ve been asking questions about barriers to accessibility and involvement with our society and activities.

This could include anything from not coming to the allotment because you don’t know where it is, feeling shy about speaking to people at events, accessibility issues, or anything else.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the following points:

  • Which barriers prevent you or people you know from getting involved, or more involved in Green Action?
  • What could help to change this?

Please leave your comments either anonymously (in the box at the food co-op, or online via this form), or with your contact if you’d like some feedback.

Also let us know if you’d like to signal your interest in playing an active part in this change process.

Thank you!!!

Harehills Free Shop

Green Action help a bunch of people put on a free shop in Harehills with tat from students.  It was really nice to be able to give blankets, pots and pans to really needy people in Leeds.  A few times someone would come up and ask "How much?" which meant we could all explain how it was all free!


Freegan Film, want to get involved?

  Hey guys



I am currently producing a student film about Leeds based Freegans and food wastage called "Waste Not, Want Not." and am looking for some people and possibly a location to shoot this documentary in. The documentary is planned to look at one group of Freegans who believe in the idea of recycling wasted food/objects etc and looking down upon such a wasteful society. The part that I want to also make evident is the community side to Freegans and like minded groups.


So basically the idea is to

  • Introduce each Freegan and their views individually 
  • Show you as a group 
  • Show you with findings or free food
  • Cooking a meal and sitting down discussing the ethos/idea etc


If you would like to be involved and could help out that would be amazing and please contact me on 



Thank you



Exec elections 2010

Hi all,

The elections are coming up soon.  I think Green Action should not tell people who to vote for but I do think that some of us know a few of the people standing from various campaigns.  It might be worth while to share some of the information about some of the candidates with you as these people are keenly align to the ethos of Green Action.

Communications & Internal Affairs Officer

He supported community take over of Royal Park Primary School and came down the Climate Swoop in Nottingham against coal power.  Mike is knowledgeble on the law, has been involved in student poltics before.

Community Officer


Helps out at the food co-op, need I say more?  Volunteers helping refugees and other charities.  Another excellent campaigner who wants to work on Leeds becoming part of ‘Transition universities’.

Education Officer



Equality & Diversity Officer


Welfare Officer


A helps with femsoc, came to the Climate swoop in Nottingham against coal power.  Bernie will help push through a radical eco-feminist agenda, they are words that bring music to my ears.