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anything you would like to share with green action

Ethical & Environmental assembly 2010


the next ethical and environmental assembly meeting will be on Monday 25th at 5pm in ARC meeting room 6. 

Come and discuss the union council agenda and if you could help in green week with carbon foot print calculating that would be ace!

In future meetings we also need to discuss about how we might go about reforming union democracy as the current system is planned to be changed, but how can we make a system in which more people can be involved in the decision making?

Please come along if you can as we could do with more folks 

i’m supposed to represent you on union council so please email me if you’ve got any concerns, ideas, queries etc




Door knob

Dear __

I am writing concerning the recent accident with a doorknob.

The Green Action Society plays an important role in the Union, providing students, staff and other members of the public with affordable ethical food. The co-operative relies on volunteers and makes no profit as we sell all our products at cost price.

The damage to the doorknob was caused by accident when volunteers were transporting vegetable boxes to the co-op, a physically demanding job. The society feels unsupported by the Union in being asked to pay the full replacement cost. Green Action would urge you to reconsider the implications of making us pay this money as it was not an act of maliciousness but an accident that only happened in the course of providing a much-valued service to the Union. We feel that finding the money for this would greatly impede the work we do in the union and prevent us moving forward as a society.

Please reconsider.


Green Action.



If you like making funky beats and enjoy your veg. Come join Leeds very own Grand Veggie Band!

Making scrumptious new sounds, boppin beats and mellow musical tasty treats from all the veggies, pulses roots and shoots from your kitchen.


The idea was to make a vegetable orchestra for a fundraiser open mic night for Green Action at the begining of December, if youd like to have a go, I was thinking of having a wee session this sunday, my house. Come!

Join the group-


To get your creative juices going-

About this website

This site is here to help you.  We want it to become a resource for activists.  Its primary goals are

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  • To help new members of Leeds University see what has been achieved.
  • To show other universities what is possible and encourage help them.

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