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Introduction to Permaculture Workshop

Monday 26th October 6pm-8pm
Meeting Room 2, Upstairs in the Union

Always wondered: “What is Permaculture?”
                                              – Now is your chance to find out!

Permaculture is a toolkit for creating sustainable society and human systems. Often it is mistaken for “ecological gardening” as it can be used to create eco-friendly gardens very effectively. However it just as effectively be used to make anything we do truly sustainable. Come along to find out more!

Part of the Green Action Society’s autumn workshops. For details of other events visit the

Food Co-op near the old bar or

How to…Brew Your Own Wine!

A Green Action event, but everyone Welcome!

Come and learn how to brew your own wine.  We will be making a demijohn and hopefully taste some too.  It’s a well cheap way to get some alcohol AND it makes good use of of a glut of fruit or veg!

Please bring fruit or vegetables (yes you can make alcohol out of vegetables) to add to the wine.


From 5pm – 6.30pm

See you there!



Low Energy & Appropriate Cooking

A practical workshop where we will be learning how to make a Haybox, use a Pressure cooker,  about vegan cooking techniques, and general low energy and environmentally friendly cooking tips.

The first part will be theoretical and the second part more hands on.  Feel free to share your ideas too!

We’ll be cooking a meal while we learn and enjoy it afters!

@ 16 Sholebroke Avenue

      Chapeltown, LS7 3HB

 (also known as Cornerstone Housing Co-op – a really intyeresting place to visit anyway!)






Why use Consensus Decision making?

A Green Action event, but everyone Welcome!

Come and learn about the Consensus Decsions making process, which we use at Green Action.  And come to further explore why we use it and is it always appropriate?

This is really useful if you want to get more involved with Green Action, or any other group that tries to organise non-hierarchically, overcome power structures, and ensure everyone is heard.

5pm – 6.30pm @ the Peanut Gallery in Leeds Uni Union


Giant Jam Making Session

Let’s make loads of Jam! Learn how to if you don’t know already, share tips, bring recipes, bring fruit, bring sugar, bring lables, bring notebooks, bring smiles,  BRING JARS!


We will be jamming it up at The Common Place.  Meet beforehand at 3pm, Parkinson Steps to walk down.


Take Jam home with you, please remember to bring jars we’re worried we dont have enough.


Donations welcome.


See you there!