Give it a go 19th Feburary 2015


It’s an open dinner invitation to all…

Our menu:
A selection of mains; bean patties, falafel and tzatziki, with a
Mediterranean couscous salad. Followed by our desert of date truffle bites

“Cheap, nutritious, vegan and environmentally friendly.”

Learn (and eat!) how to make our delicious meals using ingredients from our co-op. A great chance to join Green Action and meet new people.
Come join us on 19th February at 5:30pm-7:30pm in the Common Room, Leeds University Union, Basement (back of hidden cafe). This is a free event.

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8th December Meeting Minutes


  • No food order will be placed this week, and will not be until next semester (Date TBC)  
  • But, for any volunteers who are in Leeds over the Christmas break it is still possible to open up the food co-cop
  • REMINDER: Please hand out the mural leaflets to all members who come to the food coop, and encourage them to bring it back, or scan it through. We need to get designing soon :) 

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24 November minutes

Start: 5.40pm Annmarie, Jenny, Georgie, Christa, Marcel, (Ryan Smith – Artist)

  1. Mural design
  • not intimidating
  • bright/colourful/sunny
  • not just rabbit food
  • not just explanation of who we are – more like art
  • Have 2-4 colours
  • Considered lots of nuts spilling over
  • We all liked either the idea of a large figurative central tree with the branches becoming different things
  • Or all underground , having a network of ‘grassroots’ becoming different things or being filled with cool shapes

We all liked the roots idea, ‘grassroots’ and as shop is underground, but didn’t want it to be too literal browns and greens. ACTION – GEORGIE PRINTS BASIC OUTLINE SKETCH AND BRINGS TO GENERAL MEETING TO BE SHARED ROUND WITH PENS TO GET EVERYONES IDEAS

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18 November minutes


-Past meetings Action points

RJFP fundraising: Pay as you feel Cafe on Campus?

-Sourcing of Xyllitol  gum/ mints

Tea Cafe: February?

Ban List: Palm Oil Free/ Quinoa? where is it sourced?

-Shop’s snack overload

-Shopping List tally system: 3 ticks= discussion of whether to order item

Shopping List sorted on a Monday at the meeting

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Minutes 26/11/2014

–          Feedback action points from last week

–          FINANCE MEETING: looking at budgeting. 250 pounds for allotment, 200 for food hub, extra money for other activities. 200 for potential problems/backup. Someone from the meeting will put the details on the GA website.

–          Discussion on Loomio: generally positive feedback BUT concerns about if it discourages people from coming to meetings. PROPOSAL: Some people to come up with how Green Action should use Loomio.

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Radical Routes Gathering (Trip to brighton!)

14th -16th November 

We are associate members of the Radical Routes network of social change co-ops. This is an example of nationwide co-operative mutual aid, a glimpse of how consensus decision making could shape a better future! 

Four times a year, the member and associate member co-ops get together at “gatherings”. These weekend events have a social function, but are also the places at which all important decisions are taken. They are open meetings and anyone is welcome to attend.

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Practical Environmentalism