Making Green Action more accessible


We’re doing a consultation on the accessibility of Green Action, and we’ve been asking questions about barriers to accessibility and involvement with our society and activities.

This could include anything from not coming to the allotment because you don’t know where it is, feeling shy about speaking to people at events, accessibility issues, or anything else.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the following points:

  • Which barriers prevent you or people you know from getting involved, or more involved in Green Action?
  • What could help to change this?

Please leave your comments either anonymously (in the box at the food co-op, or online via this form), or with your contact if you’d like some feedback.

Also let us know if you’d like to signal your interest in playing an active part in this change process.

Thank you!!!

Give it a go 19th Feburary 2015


It’s an open dinner invitation to all…

Our menu:
A selection of mains; bean patties, falafel and tzatziki, with a
Mediterranean couscous salad. Followed by our desert of date truffle bites

“Cheap, nutritious, vegan and environmentally friendly.”

Learn (and eat!) how to make our delicious meals using ingredients from our co-op. A great chance to join Green Action and meet new people.
Come join us on 19th February at 5:30pm-7:30pm in the Common Room, Leeds University Union, Basement (back of hidden cafe). This is a free event.

Come to the food co-op for more information, union basement next to Santander.

8th December Meeting Minutes


  • No food order will be placed this week, and will not be until next semester (Date TBC)  
  • But, for any volunteers who are in Leeds over the Christmas break it is still possible to open up the food co-cop
  • REMINDER: Please hand out the mural leaflets to all members who come to the food coop, and encourage them to bring it back, or scan it through. We need to get designing soon :) 


  • “Conflict resolution”/ ethics team to be put forward at next General Action Meeting (12th January TBC): Following a few unresolved issued this semester, it was suggested that a team of 1/2 people within Green Action could have a role of solving any problems. 
  • Unbalance of stock: Problems with Lembas (do we change organisation next semester…Suma?), and food order team (should attend food hub meetings regularly) 
  • Give it a Go will be organised on Loomio: Film and Food night suggested 
  • Low stock of oil: There still needs to be research around this as organic extra virgin olive oil tends to be expensive 
  • Bread order over Christmas: The union help desk have been contacted  


  • Jenny: Christmas timetable 
  • Izzie: Cleaning timetable and send around an email about the importance of cleaning! 
  • Annmarie: Email Jenny and Bissera about Lembas 
  • Marcel: Meeting coordinator – update google doc on website 
  • Asa: Send reminder to Bissera no food order to be made this week 
  • Timetable for next semester… was this going to be done online first? Didn’t note down who’s task this was but happy to do it otherwise

– Update: Zoe made one

24 November minutes

Start: 5.40pm Annmarie, Jenny, Georgie, Christa, Marcel, (Ryan Smith – Artist)

  1. Mural design
  • not intimidating
  • bright/colourful/sunny
  • not just rabbit food
  • not just explanation of who we are – more like art
  • Have 2-4 colours
  • Considered lots of nuts spilling over
  • We all liked either the idea of a large figurative central tree with the branches becoming different things
  • Or all underground , having a network of ‘grassroots’ becoming different things or being filled with cool shapes

We all liked the roots idea, ‘grassroots’ and as shop is underground, but didn’t want it to be too literal browns and greens. ACTION – GEORGIE PRINTS BASIC OUTLINE SKETCH AND BRINGS TO GENERAL MEETING TO BE SHARED ROUND WITH PENS TO GET EVERYONES IDEAS

  1. Did the Shopping List for what’s to be ordered on Thursday together.
    • Not buying quinoa until a fairtrade supplier is found
    • Need to print info on failed Apricot crop for black folder – ACTION?
    • Pistachios were not delivered. ACTION – JENNY CALLS LEMBAS ABOUT PISTACHIOS
    • Would be easier if we had master list of basic stock – ACTION – ANNMARIE ASK MARCEL TO SENT IT AROUND
    • Joel is leaving so Jenny will do the orders with Bissera
  1. Membership Cards


  1. Goodforbellie

It is not good for the coop for entire stock to be sold.


  1. Looked at Loomio threads

TRJFP – space has been booked for a stall on Tuesdays. ACTION – JENNY WILL ARRANGE WITH TRJFP INSURANCE FOR STALL, then we will invite people to man the stall

Snacks – Orderers just need to take the consensus into account – up to 5 snack bars, savoury pastries ordered. Will discuss more flapjacks from That Old Chestnut next time. No more crisps until  discussed at foodhub.

End: 18.40pm